At SyH Coffee we love to explore all that coffee has to offer. We have an established relationship with a few select of farms, whose coffee we stock and offer for purchase on-line or in our cafe, but the world is big place! We are proud to introduce the SyH Coffee Featured Farm Club.  

Here is how it works:

    • Sign up for a $18 monthly membership, and receive a monthly delivery of a variety of delicious coffees from all over the world straight to your door. We source the coffee monthly and roast it in Prescott, Arizona to maximize freshness. Tell us your preferred roast (light/medium/dark) and select how you would like to receive the coffee (ground/whole bean/pods). We offer free local delivery to our customers that live within 15 miles of our Prescott cafe.
    • As part of the membership, you have free access to tastings hosted at our Prescott cafe, where you can sample and compare roasts, origins, and brew methods. Refer to our events calendar for a detailed schedule of upcoming tastings. In appreciation of our club members, you also receive a 10% discount on all cafe purchases.
    • There is a lot to learn about coffee! Our membership cards - will be sent in the first order - allow us to keep track of SyH Coffee tastings that you attend. These tastings will cover some of the more intricate aspects and science behind every stage in the coffee preparation process. For those members that attend 10 tastings, we proudly bestow the designation of Coffee Ninja. Coffee Ninjas receive a free SyH Ninja status tee shirt, and can design their own custom roasting profiles, allowing for infinite personalization of every coffee we offer to your exact preference.