Custom Craft Your Own Roast

O Romeo, what’s in a Roast?

As it turns out, quite a bit. This is where things get awesome.

Specifically, roasting is a heat-induced reaction that has an endothermic and exothermic phase whereby the internal characteristics of the coffee bean are altered with heat to release the colors, flavors, sugars, aromas and caffeine that we all love. It’s kind of like turning the raw ingredients in bread into the delicious loaf fresh out of the oven. The longer it is left it in the oven the darker the roast. Certain characteristics of the bean are emphasized depending on a couple of variables during the roasting process.

Welcome to true craft coffee roasting. Thanks to new technology, the days of guess-roasting are gone. Our shop’s roaster temperature is monitored by a laptop. Yeah, real science stuff here.

Traditional Roast Choices: Dark. Medium. Light.

Solanos y Hermanos Roast Choices: Whatever we/you want.

We can customize our roasts, with perfect reproducibility, depending on our customer’s preferences and the unique characteristics of the unroasted coffee beans. We ain’t got no time for that “one-size fits all” nonsense.

Want to try three roasts of the same bean to see which you like best? Want to try the same roast on beans from three different farms? You can totally do that here.

Want to design the temperature profile and duration of your own roast? Just let us know. You might discover that you are secretly a roasting ninja. (Currently only offered in person at our shop, but we are working on making it available online, stay tuned!) After boning up on the theory behind roasting visit our craft your own roast page here.

Want to get technical? Here is the science that goes into roasting. Roast Science