When it comes to quality we take a different approach. Contrary to industry standards we publish our cupping certificates on-line, for everyone to see, because the quality speaks for itself.

The specialty coffee association of America (SCAA.com) is the foremost authority on coffee quality certification. They outline rigorous standards for coffee tasting/testing in an attempt to standardize ratings.

The SCAA testing process is called “Cupping” and their strict protocols can be found here

10 properties of coffee are analyzed during cupping with a score from 0 to 10 awarded, for a theoretical total of 100 points possible.

The quality scale is as follows:

6.00 - Good

7.00 - Very Good

8.00 - Excellent

9.00 - Outstanding


SCAA ratings of 85 and above are considered extremely high quality coffee, and scores in the 90’s are rare.

Although we sent one of the Solano brothers to a week-long certification course in order to better understand the cupping process and help us maintain our quality standards while sourcing coffee; when it comes to claiming a quality rating for our coffee we believe in being transparent, with no conflict of interest, or chance for bias. We trust the experts more than ourselves. Our cupping is performed by globally recognized and respected cupping masters.

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At SyH we only offer the best of the best.