Turning off the Pan-American Highway two hours outside of Guatemala’s capital city, a 35 minute dirt road journey brings you to the Solanos family-supported community clinic and school located just inside the front gate of the Buena Vista Farm. The Solanos family’s local community activism and advocacy also includes contributions to foundations that encourage responsible farming and community development. The Solanos-supported clinic and school are evidence of their deep-seated family values of stewardship and integrity.

Our flagship coffee farm, the Buena Vista Farm is owned by the Solano Family. Third-generation farmer Bernardo Solano, a Guatemalan agricultural engineer, fiercely protects his family’s reputation for coffee-growing excellence with every harvest.

The farm is located in the volcanic highlands on the spine of Central America. On the leeward side of the Guatemalan front-range, at 5,700 feet above sea level, the micro climate for coffee cultivation couldn’t be more ideal. Bernardo blends a modern, scientific, approach to coffee cultivation with the art of the family’s multiple generations of coffee-growing expertise as “men of the soil.” As an agricultural engineer Bernado uses soil analysis to optimize plant variants and spacing, direction and slope angle to determine optimal shade percentage, and optimized irrigation to use each drop of water and eliminate top soil erosion insuring sustainable quality production for generations to come.

These agronomically-advanced cultivation strategies are unheard of in the developing world. The resulting harvest quality speaks to the success of this sustainable and forward-thinking philosophy. Bernardo chooses to harvest his coffee in multiple picking stages to insure cherries are picked at peak ripeness. Although this technique is more expensive and time intensive, hand harvesting in this manner ensures the highest possible crop quality.

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