Want to perfect your brew? You came to the right place.

Define brew. Water mixed with roasted coffee beans to produce a drink we call coffee.

Define a SyH brew. The correct temperature and quantity of water mixed with the correctly ground roasted coffee beans for the correct duration of time to produce a drink we call a perfect cup of coffee.

There are lots of brewing methods that use various grinds and various temperatures, for various durations of time. We try new and creative ones every day. We love to experiment, but only the very best ever make it to our customers. At our café we match these brewing methods to the optimal grind sizes to give our customers a chance to try and select their favorite experience. The same bean with the same roast can taste surprisingly different depending on the brewing method. We can’t tell you which you will like the best, so try them all and decide for yourself!

Here are some of the brewing methods we offer in our café that have been scientifically proven to be delicious:


Syphon | Espresso | Chemex | Cold Brew | French Press | More


Want to get technical? Analysis of these methods and the science that goes into brewing can be found here Brewing Science