Who are we? The truth? We’re coffee engineers. We are some dudes who are crazy passionate about coffee and enjoy applying the newest technology and the precision of science to every step of the 5,000 year old art and tradition of coffee cultivation and consumption.

In 2013, while working in Guatemala, two Americans (Joel and Chris) met two Guatemalan Solano brothers (David and Eddy) whose family business was growing specialty coffee on the family’s farm. When the brothers shared some farm direct coffee with the two gringos, a dream was born. “We wished everyone could drink coffee this incredible.” At the time we didn’t know very much about coffee, but we were in love with what we tasted.

Solanos y Hermanos is Spanish for “Solanos and Family.” We believe everyone deserves coffee that tastes like it is the “best of the best” from their own family farm—a family farm with a reputation for community activism, sustainable cultivation, and the highest quality coffee. At Solanos y Hermanos everyone is family.

Come visit us at our café and choose the drink that’s perfect for you. We’ll help you experience the best quality coffee in the world—straight from the farm. We love sharing our passion and expertise for coffee with our customers; stop by and hang out with us!