Roast Science Level: Enthusiast

Prepare to meet your roaster.

Roasting is the process of applying heat to green coffee beans in order to turn them into the deep brown, richly smelling, and flavorful bean which is so familiar to us. Unroasted beans have little to no caffeine in them, don’t smell at all like “coffee” and if brewed, taste awful. (Ask us how we know.)

Many variables go into applying this heat to the green coffee beans, but the principal ones are temperature of the air in the roaster, and the duration of the roast. Higher air temperatures and longer roast times cause the bean temperature to increase, producing a darker roast.


So which is the best? Varying end temperatures of the coffee bean emphasize different flavors and textures than other temperatures. In the end, it’s all about personal preference. Interested in the general characteristics of each roast? Visit Roast Science Level: Expert

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