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Who wants to be told what they like?

No one.

We were tired of drinking the same old cup of coffee, so we decided to try something different.

Everyone has a unique coffee preference - SyH Coffee starts with the highest quality beans and lets you craft the rest.

The Highest Quality Beans: What makes the coffee so great? It starts with our single origin, ideally located, Guatemalan family farms with three generations of coffee cultivation expertise. To learn more about sustainable coffee cultivation check out our direct trade farms here. Crop optimization is essential to a quality product; learn more about our farms’ progressive approach to coffee cultivation here.

The Crafting: It’s all about that roast. Want to leave it up to our experts? We’re confident you’ll be stoked with our outstanding selection. Want to design your own roast profile for our beans? We are cool with that too. Visit our roasting page to understand the basics, then give it a go.

Brew it your own way. Following the craft roast, choose the brewing method that suits you best. Visit our grinding and brewing page for some starter tips and let the journey begin here

What makes SyH Coffee Different? Family reputation, passion for precision and quality, interactive craftsmanship.

Three generations of hard work and expertise goes into ensuring that you’ll thoroughly enjoy the taste, aroma, and experience of every cup of coffee. From the rolling green hillsides of Guatemala, through the precise fermentation, meticulous roasting, grinding, brewing and serving—we are crazy passionate about all of it.

We believe in straight talk. Ambiguous claims about coffee being full, rich, or savory don’t cut it at SyH. We’re engineers and we live to quantify everything. Check out our stellar certified cupping results (what are cupping results?) from world renowned experts. They put this year’s beans from the Buena Vista family farm in the top tier of all coffee grown in the world! 

Seriously. This stuff is the real deal.

Come visit our first café and try it for yourself. There is nothing in this world like fresh, farmed, roasted coffee brewed to your preference.

Want to try our coffee in the comfort of your own home or office? Visit our on-line store and we can help you pick out a coffee that fits your unique tastes. We love helping our customers learn to select and brew their own amazing cup of coffee.

Check out some of our links under coffee science if you want to learn more about coffee farming, fermenting, roasting, grinding and brewing.



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